“Terra. Inspired by earth”: the new project of Archiproducts Milano

Terra. Inspired by Earth” is the new Design Experience at Archiproducts Milano, with a project by Studiopepe and the participation of numerous international brands. The date is April, during Milan Design Week 2023 – like every year – in via Tortona 31!

TERRA – Archiproducts Milano 2023

Archiproducts Milano 2023, the Concept

The earth is our home. The Earth offers true materials, warm colours, a sense of belonging. The Earth is where we demand a need for responsibility.

The interior project guides us throughout the discovery of our connection with the earth that evokes a sense of peace. A project where nature inspires the choice of colours and materials with a careful and conscious approach to design.

Natural color shades create a visual continuum within a coherent and material dimension. The finishes and furniture complement the interior with delicate shades of terracotta, sand and clay. Warm lighting, natural and experimental materials intensify our sense of connection with the earth.

A large and suspended moon is the focal point of an installation that recreates the feeling of being at the centre of the universe. A surrounding comfort for both eyes as our touch. A true sensory experience exploring interconnected smart devices as well as innovative materials and their infinite applications.

PANGEA – Archiproducts Milano 2023

Visual and Tactile Comfort through Materials

At Archiproducts Milano 2023, comfort is environmentalvisual and tactile. The space offers an authentic sensory experience to discover unexpected textures and materials with infinite applications.

Comfort is, first and foremost, visual in a space created in the name of softness and continuity. True immersion in a visual continuum brought to life by the skilful combination of different materials: Warli and Interface carpets and textile floor coverings in a calming earth-tone inspired palette; the same palette for the material textures of La Calce del Brenta finishes, the three-dimensional Wall&Decò paper, precious Elitis fabrics and soft Astrid natural-fibre textiles. Pomegranate shades of the Ninefifty lava stone and Noël & Marquet three-dimensional wall coverings also contribute to the immersive journey. It is an experience for the senses, where delicate colours, soft textures and harmonious combinations of fabrics and materials create a sense of well-being.

Alcantara fabrics become an integral part of the walls, furniture and accessories, transformed into scenic backdrops that contribute to the visual unity of the space. Above all, the sensory experience allows visitors to discover new horizons of design experimentation with a highly versatile material.

At Archiproducts Milano 2023, the tactile experience of materials opens the way to “making the impossible possible”. 3M Italia‘s films cover furniture and entire walls to alter the perception of reality, deceiving visitors who initially imagine they are looking at one material, only to discover – on closer inspection – the incredible artistry of another material with a minimum thickness and the potential for infinite applications. Hence the claim ‘Re-imagine what’s possible’.

DUNE – Archiproducts Milano 2023

Organic Forms and Minimalism

Connection with the earth is also found in the organic forms and minimalism of the furniture, whose fluidity recalls the primordial essence of the earth’s womb. The De Sede sofa, with its overlapping elements reminiscent of terraced hills; the sculptural and minimalist pieces of Friends&Founders; the organic shapes and visual lightness of Sancal seating; the rhythmic sequence of the soft arches of Zilio poufs designed by NOTE Design Studio; the simple and soft design of Kristina Dam Studio furniture; the sensual shape of the Noom armchair – almost a cuddle to the touch. Then there is the organic shape of the Ton table; the continuity and comfort of the District Eight sofa by Toan Nguyen; the Ethimo outdoor sculpture/table inspired by megalithic architecture; and finally, the soft, rounded lines of the Natuzzi armchair by Marcantonio, reminiscent of olives on the red earth of the Apulian countryside.

GIZA – Archiproducts Milano 2023

The space is also fluid. The corridor becomes a soft, primordial alcove; the bar is housed in a curved wooden miniature architecture completely covered in fabric, while the walls include inhabitable arches that resemble niches carved out of stone. 

Warm, Diffused Light

Light is a central theme in a space conceived as a journey of “connection with the earth”, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation. At Archiproducts Milano, warm, welcoming and diffuse lighting creates the perfect atmosphere. The simplicity and fluidity of a blown glass lamp designed by Snohetta for Lodes create total and functional lighting scenarios. The interlocking blown glass cylinders of David Rockwell‘s pendant for Leucos create layers of colour that diffuse warm light. Delicate light passes through the essential geometries and soft blown glass curves of Brokis light sculptures. The “spun thread” of Toyo Ito‘s delicate fibreglass creation for Yamagiwa resembles a cocoon, emitting soft light reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper lanterns.

TERRA – Archiproducts Milano 2023

Design Talks at Archiproducts Milan

During the Milano Design Week 2023, architects, designers and distinguished guests will gather and meet under the ‘glow’ of the big moon at the very center of Via Tortona 31. They will discuss the meaning of ‘Space’‘Color’‘Matter’ and ‘Light’ during the creative process in architecture and design.  Design Talks at Archiproducts Milano are a series of interactive conversations that explore the use and understanding of materials to create shape, the use impact of colors, the importance of natural and artificial light, and Artificial Intelligence.

These conversations will provide a moment of insight and reflection thanks to the participation of internationally renowned professionals, including: architect Cino ZucchiCarlos Bañón – associate professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and founder of Subarchitecture Design, Tim Fu – architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, specializing in Algorithm Design and A.I, architect Chad Oppenheim – founder of the US studio Oppenheim Architecture, Marius Myking – director of Snøhetta‘s Product Design department, Davide Angeli – Deputy Studio Director & Head of International Business of Michele De Lucchi’s AmdCircle studio, Czech designer Lucie KoldovaBarry Richards – Principal and Studio Leader of the interdisciplinary US studio Rockwell Group, designers Chiara Di Pinto and Arianna Lelli Mami of Studiopepe, architect and designer Elisa Ossino, and many others.

Their experience and knowledge will help to reveal new perspectives on both the present and the future.

Technology and the smart home

At Archiproducts Milano, environmental comfort is also user-friendly technology, thanks to IOT and smart and connected devices, easy to use and perfectly integrated into any context.

In the BTicino Smart Apartment, visitors can experience a smart home where technology adds value to everyday life. How? By being able to control video entry, lighting, sockets, automation, temperature and security conveniently and easily via app or voice.

Efficiency is also found in Samsung‘s air conditioning, audio-video systems and smart appliances for intelligent living.

Smart first new-generation model at Archiproducts Milano 2023

Smart will also be there at the Archiproducts Milano 2023 Design Experience, debuting smart #1, the brand’s first new-generation model. 100% electric, smart #1 is synonymous with comfort, sustainability and maximum efficiency.

Its sculpted lines, created by the expert hands of the Mercedes-Benz global design team, result from a creative process that frees up proportions and dimensions thanks to its all-electric powertrain, whose design constraints are minimal compared to an endothermic past.

3M Experience Center – Archiproducts Milano 2023


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