What we do.
How we do it.
And Where.

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What we do

Architects. Designers. Brands. We are at the center of their synergy. We speak their language. We know their vision. We offer the solution before the need.
That’s our job. That’s how we do it. That’s who we are.

We daily support the Global Community of Architects and Interior Designers looking for inspiration, products and materials.

We team up with more than 3,000 Global Premium Brands, helping them to reach Architects and get specified in projects.

We send 3 MLN emails per day, everyday!

500.000 recipients, 6 direct email per day + 6 Editorial Newsletter per week.
Global, profiled, targeted by region: these are the newsletter that we send every day to our registered user’s community.
Each DEM is provided to the client with a customized landing page that is full of information about the product or the brand launched.

Our international audience



Our international audience



We send emails to 3 MLN people per day, everyday!

500,000 recipients, 6 DEM Newsletters per day + 6 Editorial Newsletters per week. Global, profiled, targeted. This is how we daily reach out to our community.
Each DEM includes a customized landing page to share information or details regarding the newsletter’s CTA.

Our international audience



We have the skills to guide you towards the future!

Today we have 200,000 3D and BIM files.
We have a team of engineers skilled to develop configurable 3D models and BIM files.
Thanks to our own self‑developed viewport and AR technology, you can view 3D files  on both your desktop or mobile.
We are therefore ready to enter the VR world that will be the new standard in the near future.

We run one of the most prominent Design Competitions worldwide

“Archiproducts Design Awards”: an international design competition launched by Archiproducts with the aim of recognising, rewarding and celebrating design excellences across a broad range of categories. 450 brands applying from 30 countries, 700 candidate products, 70 distinguished jurors, 180 winners among the best designers worldwide, 1 big party in Milan to celebrate them all.

How we do it

We internally design, code and update our digital platform

Since the very beginning, we have believed that tech is key, when combined with industry skills, in order to be innovative and respond to the market requirements.
That’s why we’ve always hired IT developers, UI/UX and HTML specialists. We run a team of 25 IT specialists, working on the platform in terms of new projects, maintenance, constant performance improvement.

We internally design, code and maintain our own digital platform

Since the beginning, we believed that tech is the key, if accompanied to the industry skills, to be innovative and reactive to the market challenges.
That’s why we’ve always hired IT developers, UI/UX specialist, HTML specialists.
Actually we run a team of 25 IT specialists, working on the platform in terms of new projects, maintenance, continuous performance improuvement.

Where we do it

We welcome our community in 1,500 sqm of Showrooms

During these years we have built the largest community of Brands, Architects, Designers and enthusiasts.
A community of professionals and design lovers looking for an immersive Design experience. This is why we have opened the doors to two showrooms in Bari and Milan to meet up with our community. We believe in phygital.

Archiproducts Milano

Showroom, Shop and co-net-working space for Architects and Designers



Via Tortona 31
20144 Milano



square meters

Archiproducts Bari

Architecture and Design Products Shop



C.so Vittorio Emanuele 139/A
70131 Bari



square meters

We store in our 7,000 cubic meters warehouse

Our warehouse in Bari (Italy) is the Hub for logistics, stock and management of our
E‑Commerce operations.
At the warehouse we have a dedicated team of experts responsible for the handling, inventory control, packaging and worldwide delivery.
This shows our commitment to enhance our customers’ experience.

2,500 sqm —
our office in Bari

Natural lighting, overlooking the Adriatic sea and a constant joyful mood. Our Headquarters feels like home.
You will see people going around the office with a scooter, people eating together in the break room, someone trying a VR tool and… yes, someone working too! 😉 Plus, we own the building and it’s an asset for our APX family!

Our Impact

Numbers, graphics and data from our Network.

Via Natale Loiacono, 20
70126 Bari, Italy

Showroom Milano Via Tortona, 31 20144 Milan, Italy

Showroom Bari Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 139/A 70128 Bari, Italy

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