“Working for Beauty is the beauty of our work„

We look at work ambitions and personal interests in the same way. You can talk about the new site in a meeting and the next moment ask who is interested in a pottery course. It is our welfare: we share our skills and passions.

HR Manager

Our values

We believe in ideas. We believe in the power of design. We believe in beauty. Our world is Architecture. Our language is Design. We are an international team of senior profiles and junior professionals. Our middle management comes from important experiences in the field of architecture, communication and technology.

Martina Mondin, Event Manager

“Our entire sales team come from very different international backgrounds. We all add multi cultural experiences to our job, engaging international brands with a global target. It is of great value to understand your customers’ needs and goals, whilst sharing their background„

Account Manager Benelux Area

We appreciate talent. We love attitude.

Over the years, we have recruited the best graduates in Architecture, Engineering, IT, Economics, Marketing and Design.
We reward skills but we look for talent.
Team Spirit. Global thinking. Ready for a challenge. Curiosity.

Antonio Matarrese, UX Designer

“I deal with communication, copywriting, and creative storytelling. I’ve always looked for beauty in every story I told. I have done it in sports, in movie business, in advertising and in audiovisual media. Now I am excited to do it with Design and Architecture, areas where Beauty has always been at home„

Head of Copy

“Each website, each graphic program, each newsletter that I design with the Marketing Team, represents a challenge of functionality and aesthetics. We work with professionals, architects, designers, we must live up to the beauty they seek„

Web Graphic Designer

Antonella Fraccalvieri & Rossana Vinci, Editorial Officers

“After working for different international companies in the field of media, internet and ecommerce, I decided to accept the challenge of leading the Archipassport Business Intelligence Team. Much more than an ecosystem of platforms, a variable galaxy of communities of professionals, brands and enthusiasts„

Business intelligence