From Architecture to Design

From Italy to the World

From Digital to the City.

Video credits: Cristina La Porta Studio for Archiproducts

A 22‑year journey

We were four young architectural engineers, from
South Italy, starting our careers in construction.

“It was Y2000 and we had a dream: create an ultimate source to find information about construction materials and companies„

Vincenzo Maiorano

Creative Director & Co-Founder

As professionals, every day we had a need: finding information about products and companies to create new projects and carry on construction sites.
In an era before Google, we needed a “place” where all technical information would converge. Therefore, we had to consult tons of papers, travel to fairs, call hundreds of manufacturers to retrieve details and create our technical library. It was quite a journey!
We started brainstorming on how to create the “ultimate source of inspiration”, easy and accessible to everyone, where people and professionals could find information and data about architecture and design.

“The process of inspiration, sourcing, designing, buying and delivering Architecture and Design products can be chaotic and fragmented. Professionals and Consumers need tools to simplify their sourcing experience„

Ferdinando Napoli

CEO & Co-Founder

That is how “” was born, a website dedicated to the Italian community of professionals in the construction field, where a database of products, manufacturers and technical contents was well organized and easy to browse.
Thousands of professionals started to register, receiving our newsletters, surfing the website every day to find solutions for design and building. We quickly became the point of reference for the Construction Industry in Italy in the early 2000s.
That was merely the beginning! In the following years, we created other platforms specialized in Architecture and later on included Design and Furnishing… and finally, we went international!

“Our story began with 4 friends, now we are a community of over 3,000 Brand partners, 5.4 million followers on social media, 3.7 million unique users and 160 employees„

Marilde Longo

CSO & Co-Founder

Credits: Copper House by Susanna Cots Interior Design on Archilovers

International manufacturers of Architecture and Design products became our clients, purchasing communication campaigns on our network to target our growing community of professionals.
Product listing, DEM Newsletter and advertising became (and still are) our most successful tools and core business, generating high numbers of “Qualified Leads” for our clients.
In 2015, we added E‑commerce and Marketplace features to our network becoming an official reseller for our clients. Today we resell to an audience of professionals and private customers worldwide.

“We create, publish and manage catalogs with descriptions, editorials, images, videos, 2D/3D and BIM Files, configurators, AR, VR, variants and prices of thousands of official and relevant Brands worldwide„

Maurizio Alfieri

CPO, CTO & Co-Founder

To date, we have a huge amount of sessions on our network and interact with an extensive community of Architects, Designers, Manufacturers, Retailers and private users worldwide interested in our qualified content.

Our Business

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