DPRICE: the digital revolution for construction distribution

The construction world now has a powerful new tool to meet future challenges.

DPRICE is the new standard for digitising and distributing construction industry price lists.

The method and platform allow manufacturers to enter up-to-date prices and price lists. Retailers can access new information in real time, with a tremendous boost to the efficiency of the entire exchange process.

As a standard, DPRICE introduces a shared language designed to facilitate the passage of information between manufacturers and retailers. 6000 manufacturers, thousands of product categories, more than 1 million products, and continuous technological updates. These factors warranted a shared and universally accepted standard for managing supply chain information and pricing flows.

As a digital platform, DPRICE software allows the over 12,000 Italian construction dealers to access and consult price lists uploaded by manufacturers for information dissemination and sales management. 

DPRICE is an Edilportale project developed in partnership with Sercomated and some of the most important players in the production and distribution of the construction market.

Italy’s building industry accounts for 4.5% of the country’s GDP. The PNRR envisages an investment of 107 billion euros in projects directly related to the building and construction sector. A solution like DPRICE, therefore, impacts a nationally critical market. With this project, we capitalise on the credibility, know-how and leadership in the construction market acquired over the last twenty years.

(Ferdinando Napoli, CEO & Co-Founder Edilportale)

The DPRICE project, in the words of the Construction market

The world of construction products and materials distribution has long required a standard that could overcome the current fragmentation of methods and data. A shared code would allow manufacturers to share prices and price lists and retailers to access and consult them simultaneously.

(Gabriele Nicoli, Vice President Sercomated)

In construction, what had been done in other areas, like plumbing or electrical, was not impossible but was undoubtedly more challenging. 1,200,000 product lines, 150 brands of interest for each of 12,000 resellers, with between 5,000 and 30,000 items managed. Decisive barrier-breaking action was needed. 

(Gianluca Zanutta, CEO Zanutta spa)

DPRICE was born from sector needs that found the necessary know-how and credibility in Edilportale to transform tools and methods into a standard that all could access and use.

(Domenico Giovannini, Laterlite CEO)

The solution is based on Metel® technology with Edilportale content. We combined our know-how to develop a solution that is simple to implement and effective in its results, capable of truly improving system efficiency.

(Giorgio Casanova, General Manager Metel)

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