BIM: what is it and who can make use of it

State of the art in Building Information Modeling, new advantages in designing and the contribution to innovation by BIM.archiproducts BIM is an acronym and stands for ‘Building Information Modeling’. The National Institutes of Building Science defines it as the ‘digital rendering of physical features and functions of a given object’.

Hence, BIM is neither a product nor a software but an ‘index of information about a building’ containing graphics (like technical drawings) and technical specifics (like data sheets and characteristics) as well as additional information about the durability. Indeed, when drawing features like windows, ceilings or walls it is possible to link graphical information (wall thickness, height, etc.) with other useful data like thermal transmittance, sound insulation etc.

Similar to CAD projects which permit the serial use of previously created CAD files (2D or 3D), also BIM projects will allow you to re-utilize saved BIM files in successive work steps. At BIM.archiproducts you can find the most comprehensive online library of BIM and CAD files easily accessible to professionals of the construction sector.

While CAD design allows the processing of projects through drawings in 2D or 3D, BIM is not limited to visual information or renderings. It also specifies functionality and performance of each BIM object within the project, or even of the interior of a charted building. This way technical features are not lost in the communication with third party collaborators and other computing platforms.

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