AUTENTICO: spotlighting the excellence of Puglia’s companies at the Milano Design Week 2024

AUTENTICO. Sustainable Design made in PUGLIA is the exhibition dedicated to the excellence of design in Puglia that captivated over 8,000 designers, architects, and enthusiasts during the Milano Design Week. It has captured Milano with a new look and a focus on sustainable design.

Products, images, and imagery of Design made in Puglia, in all its forms, ideas, and materials represent one of the most recognized and appreciated values of Puglia: authenticity. Design made in Puglia is authentic and sustainable because it is inherent to the land it belongs to.

The temporary exhibition has been organized by the Section for Trade, Handicraft & International Business Promotion of Puglia Region, with the support of the Regional Tourism Board Pugliapromozione. The aim has been to invest in the export of culture & beauty, and craftsmanship skills knowing that these distinctive activities will support the consolidation of tourism.

Alessandro Delli Noci, Regional Councillor for Economic Development Puglia Region
“After our incredible experience in New York, where we put the spotlight on the ‘Made in Puglia’ brand, and the talent and excellence of Puglia designers on the international markets, the commitment of the Puglia Region in this direction is continuing and now extends to Milan Design Week 2024. Refinement, quality materials and the ability to innovate while remaining anchored to the traditions and history of our territories are the key components of Puglia design. This temporary exhibition, dedicated to the identity and sustainability of ‘Made in Puglia’ design, perfectly expresses these values”

Rocco De Franchi, Communication Manager of the Puglia Region
“We are proud to showcase our region in this extraordinary international exhibition. Puglia isn’t just a tourist destination but also a great investment opportunity. The 2021-2027 regional program, funded by Europe, offers plenty of opportunities for those who choose Puglia for a long and happy life”.

The temporary exhibition has aimed at enhancing the creativity, talent, and story of seventeen Apulian companies and designers by showcasing a selection of design products “made in Puglia” and the new ‘Pop – Pottery of Puglia’ brand, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Puglian ceramic art.

Vincenzo Maiorano, Creative Director and co-founder of Archiproducts
“We have created a genuine exhibition, taking a holistic approach that brings together and highlights products, landscapes, and the authentic experiences of real life in Puglia into a cohesive narrative”.

Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Chief Brand Officer and Creative Director of Natuzzi Italia
“For us, Mediterranean hospitality has always been a source of inspiration for lifestyle and creation of spaces. We’re here to celebrate and share this idea of hospitality with other brands and excellences from Puglia, who bring their value to the Design Week with authenticity”.

Piero Percoco, Photographer
“It has been wonderful to choose and pair my shots with these beautiful design products from Puglia, thus creating a stronger and more interesting narrative of the territory between design and photography”.

The exhibit “AUTENTICO. Sustainable Design made in PUGLIA” has been also a platform for interesting talks and has given space to different topics of conversation: spanning from design to tourism, contemporary art, and new opportunities from Apulian companies.

Luca Scandale, Director of the Regional Tourism Agency of the Puglia Region
“This significant international showcase also provides the perfect opportunity to present our project “Puglia Contemporary Land”. With this project, we add another important piece to the narrative of our region, effectively blending the traditional craftsmanship of Puglia with new productions of contemporary art. It will be a monographic editorial project dedicated to Puglia as a destination — a unique visual narrative combining text and images, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo and published by Flash Art, one of the world’s most important contemporary art magazines”.

The project and concept for the showcase have been created and developed by Archiproducts, the global source for Architecture and Design.

Brand Exhibitors
Affreschi & Affreschi, Amura Lab, Artègo Artigianato Creativo – Gianfranco Conte Design, Bianco Cave by Fato Stone, Dimarmo, Erbolinea, Euroluce Light of Italy, IAPIGI, Le Ferre, Marra Pavimenti, Monitillo 1980, Parisi 1876, Paulicelli Collection, Pimar, SKIA, Studio Light Mariano, Trame di Pietra

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