Credits: Massimo Colonna for Archiproducts

People deserve

We launched a new global campaign, “People deserve Beauty”, designed together with Digital Artist Massimo Colonna. The new campaign plays with 3D and Metaverse technology, whilst looking towards the future and designing spaces and visions. In a twilight of dreams and reality, people and objects communicate with the language of Design – shape, matter, color, light, inspiration, and function.

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Beauty is feeling colors

You know this place. You’ve been here countless times before. That time when you discovered a new shape, touched a new material, looked for perfect lighting, and found new inspirations. This is the place where you met design, whilst pursuing beauty. In spaces. In ideas. In solutions.

Beauty is balance

Beauty is playing with light

Beauty is creating intimacy

Beauty is a soft touch

Beauty is a new inspiration

Beauty is a moment of quiet

Design is Beauty

Massimo Colonna at Il Magma x Archiproducts